I am an illustrator working mainly in watercolour and mixed media technique. Drawing and painting have always been my medium of artistic expression. I am particularly drawn to fashion, portraits and beauty of people’s faces. In my illustrations I concentrate on shapes and forms of the subjects trying to emphasize the energy of colours and mystery of emotions.

I am one of the finalists of Fashion Drawing workshops 2013 organised during Art and Fashion Festival in Poznan, Poland.

Features and commissions:

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Art has always been present in my life. Since I was very little painting and drawing were usually my favorite things to do and the best way to spend my free time. I studied architecture and practiced figure and perspective drawing to pass my entrance exams. I drew regularly during my 5 year architectural studies. Then while working as an architect I’ve been drawn towards more artistic parts of my profession and did a lot of hand drawn architectural presentations at work. Although I love and appreciate architecture, after a couple of years I started searching for another creative outlet aside from my work. I took up a one year certificate course at National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland and received  NUI Certificate in Drawing and Visual Investigation. Then after coming back to Poland I continued with a two year postgraduate course for Visual Arts in Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. All the travels, courses I’ve taken and people I’ve met have redirected my career slightly. At the moment I divide my time between illustration and architecture trying to combine those two disciplines in all the projects I’m currently involved with.